Marcelo Papa

Winemaker for Casillero del Diablo and Marques de Casa Concha

For the past 10 years, Marcelo Papa has been responsible for crafting some of Chile’s best known and most popular wines – Concha y Toro’s immensely successful and internationally acclaimed

Casillero del Diablo range.  As with a number of Chile’s top winemakers, Papa earned a degree in agriculture and a post-graduate degree in enology from the highly regarded Catholic University in Santiago. He was subsequently recruited by Kendall–Jackson, where he spent the next five years before joining Concha y Toro in 1998. In 1999, a year after working on his first vintage of Casillero del Diablo wines, Papa was given the additional assignment of working on Concha y Toro’s prestigious Marques de Casa Concha wines, and named chief winemaker of Concha y Toro’s Puente Alto cellar.  Under his direction, Marques de Casa Concha wines have earned some of the most vaunted accolades in Chilean winemaking. The 2002 edition of the Chilean Wine Guide hailed Papa’s Marques de Casa Concha Cabernet Sauvignon as “Best Wine of its Class,” while in the U.S. Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast magazines each named it among their “Top 100 Wines of 2002.” Wine Spectator then went on to recognize Papa’s Marques de Casa Concha Merlot as one of its “Top 100 Wines of 2003.”  In 2005 Papa captured Chile’s highest honor, when the Chilean Wine Guide distinguished him as its “Winemaker of the Year,” with a special tribute to his remarkable work on the Casillero del Diablo range, referencing Papa’s capacity to “create exceptional wines that are widely available in the marketplace, yet achieve extraordinary levels of quality in spite of large production levels.”