Frontera After Dark After Midnight Red

  • Varietal 55% , 40% , 5%
  • Tech Info
  • Region Chile
  • Vineyards Central Valley, Chile
  • Winemaking Frontera Night Harvested Blends are a fresh winemaking concept: grapes harvested in the cool of the night for bolder flavors and aromas. After Midnight Red Blend – a late-night sensation! – and Moonlight White Blend – a semi-sweet style inspired by the moon. Made by the night – enjoy the nocturnal side of Frontera!
  • Tasting Notes Ripe, densely packed with red cherry, currant and cedar aromas.
  • Food Pairing Ideal with all kinds of red meats.
  • Additional Notes Dark deep purple. Discover the nocturnal magic of this dark red blend.