Concha y Toro

One of the world’s three leading wine producers and South America’s single largest exporter of fine wines, Concha y Toro accounts for virtually a quarter of Chile’s total wine production.  Founded in 1883, Concha y Toro was the first producer to introduce Chilean fine wines made from French grape varieties. Today, Concha y Toro spans over a dozen estates located throughout the premier wine regions of Chile.

This publicly traded company (VCO on the NY Stock Exchange) offers wines of quality and value at all levels, from its popular Frontera line to the iconic Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon. Its flagship Casillero del Diablo line, which in 1963 became the first Chilean wines imported into the U.S., is an international leader in premium Chilean wines, thanks to countless Best Buy/Best Value designations. Subsequent releases include the single-vineyard wines from Marqués de Casa Concha, critical favorites with 90+ ratings, as well as the terroir-driven, boutique-style wines of Terrunyo.

The outstanding value represented in each of Concha y Toro’s different collections is possible in part because the wines are made in Chile. A viticultural paradise, Chile is blessed with abundant sunshine, land, microclimates for every grape and a tradition of French winemaking techniques, in addition to being phylloxera-free. In contrast to other larger-scale wine companies, which have opted to diversify into wine regions worldwide, Concha y Toro has opted for a home-grown approach, concentrating exclusively on its South American homeland.

In March 2013, an international poll of beverage industry analysts, Masters of Wine, consultants, winemakers, wine writers, retailers, educators and buyers, sponsored by U.K.-based Drinks International magazine, named Concha y Toro the “World’s Most Admired Wine Brand” – for the third year in a row.