This super-premium reserve “Old Vines” Malbec is the pinnacle of the Trivento portfolio of fine wines. The name, “Eolo” was chosen in honor of “Aeolus”, the Greek god of the winds, and is a tribute to the three winds that blow across the Mendoza landscape, nurturing the growth of the vines.

Eolo originates in a special 10-acre parcel of vines known to produce the very finest quality Malbec grapes, forming part of a larger 50-acre single vineyard in Mendoza’s Lujan de Cuyo zone, the established source of the Mendoza region’s finest Malbec fruit. Planted in 1912, this small section of vines lies on the north bank of the Mendoza River, with the proximity of the river serving as a natural thermostat. These ancient vines with their naturally low yields produce wonderfully concentrated fruit. They continue to thrive, despite their great age, thanks in large part to this area’s combination of altitude, poor, arid soils, and winds that travel down from the Andes.

Here, temperature variations between day and night can fluctuate by as much as 20° C. Relatively moderate daytime temperatures facilitate a gradual yet complete ripening of grapes, leading to the development of excellent levels of acidity, color and tannins necessary for a world-class Malbec. Soil here is generally considered “poor” (clay and limestone to a depth of 1.5 meters over a bedrock of sand and large stones), but it enjoys the advantage of excellent drainage. Irrigation is provided by the snow melt channeled from the Mendoza River.

Eolo Vineyard Map