Loco Lopez Sangria

Concha y Toro

Loco López is the kind of guy who brightens up everything around him, someone who makes everyone’s face light up when they see him – because he’s always happy and wants everyone else to be happy too!

The family tradition of preparing Sangría began when Loco López was a little boy at his grandmother’s home in Spain. He and his grandmother, Abuela María, would lock themselves in her kitchen while she lovingly prepared her famous Sangría. The young Loco López was the only one who knew her recipe, so he was sworn to absolute secrecy.

Abuela María would sit on her porch and offer a glass of her Sangría to everyone who passed by. It always made them happy. They all agreed it was the best Sangría in town.

After Abuela María passed away, Loco López decided to share the pleasure of his Abuela’s Sangría with all of you. His hope is that you enjoy Loco López Sangría as much as he does!