Marques de Casa Concha

Concha y Toro

Marqués de Casa Concha wines were created as a tribute to the title conferred upon the Concha y Toro family in 1718 by King Felipe V of Spain. These single-vineyard wines are made in limited production with grapes grown in prime estate-owned vineyards of Chile. Each wine in the Marqués de Casa Concha line represents the majesty and caliber of each “noble” variety, exemplifying Concha y Toro’s ethos in the tradition and art of fine winemaking.

These wines have consistently broken the 90-point barrier, attracting numerous domestic and international awards year after year. According to international critics, the winemaker’s greatest feat is managing to deliver a personal seal through these wines; obtaining very high scores that are proof of his ability to make wines with great personality and a real sense of origin that convey quality and character.